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About Us

by erdemgungor

Who Are We?

Our Mantra

‘‘People, Ideas, Solutions and a Sustainable Future’’

Smart Cities Innovation Lab – “SMART iLab” is;

A Non-Profit Global Think-Tank. A Smart Innovation Lab. A Problem Solving Global Hub for Smart Communities. A Catalyst for the Benefit of Sustainable Future’s Eco-Systems.

At Smart Cities Innovation Lab,
We develop polyphonic intellectual designs, new generation approaches and innovative solutions through interdisciplinary interactions.
We collaborate globally with city administrations, institutions, companies and opinion leaders to increase public awareness and transform living areas through innovative methodologies for a sustainable future. We see innovation as a process that begins by listening to people, creating ideas, prototyping of new solutions and challenging stereotypes to generate impact for a wealthier and happier future.

This is the foundation of our model: Think.Innovate.Solve.Change.


Our Mission is ‘‘to deliver impact through innovation for a (p)rosperous, (l)ivable, (u)biquitous and (s)ustainable urban future – (PLUS)

Our Vision is ‘‘to become one of the world’s most reliable leading smart city initiatives through our value-based innovative approaches from all aspects and interdisciplinary interactions with the local, regional and international stakeholders. Therefore, our core vision beneath Smart Cities is to bring Smart people together to provide a better intellectual resource management and to create a bigger synergy impact.


You are a unique value for us
Each of the individuals and stakeholders of Smart Cities Innovation Lab is to bear a unique value for us

Freedom of thought and expression are our real wealth
We stand for freedom of thought and freedom of expression in our think-tank. Individual differences and divergences, by feeding free -thought design eco-system, guarantee to work objectively with the highest -quality values from different disciplines without adopting any kinds of profit, party or ideology.

Yes, We Can
Our main objective is to think without boundaries, imagine the impossible and encourage challenging actions because we believe that real thinkersshould not be restrained by a tunnelvision, but should have a broad scanning global mindset

What We Do

SMART iLab is a new generation non-profit think-tank organization which does not prefer to constrain its potential with only theoretical areas, but also have a powerful desire to encourage tangible solutions through its stakeholders.

Smart City is a global concept comprising of hundreds of different sectors and thousands of various sub-sections. Therefore, we especially focus on 7 main categories to develop expertise – Energy, Mobility, Security, Healthcare, Environment, Governance and Economy – , but wish to cover other areas as many as possible since they are inseparable parts of a smart city vision in a holistic think-tank perspective and a clear-cut separation may not be rational.

A smart city is the results of combined efforts of many stakeholders, working together in partnerships of different shape and form, but the core concept is well beyond of cities or new architectures. Albert Einstein once said, ‘‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’’. We consider that the concept at the top is about a new way of thinking to redesign human life and living areas with the power of collective wisdom, creativity and technology.

We believe that our collective responsibilities, shared knowledge and combined efforts may create a better value and take all of us much more beyond the old-school synergy capabilities.

No matter where you are  (!) or No matter what you do (!)
We would like to build up a new global hub for all of us and to create a better future for our world.
We have four challenging common purposes for all, but note that we cannot achieve any of them without your help and we are always open to all innovative offers to expand mutual benefits;

(I) Increasing public awareness and citizen knowledge at a global scale through our core think-tank activities especially by sharing your articles, expert opinions, analyses and case studies to the world through our internet platform,

(II) Creating a global networking hub by providing common communication and sharing mediums, and encouraging international partnerships, projects & collaborations at all levels. Instead of providing temporary contacts, creating connections to promote continuous dialogues and developing permanent relationships are our fundamental goals,

(III) Initiating a ‘Global Civil Diplomacy’’ program to promote sector relations between countries. The program will aim to i) mobilize civil capacity with all of its channels at a global scale, ii) develop civil diplomacy channels & networks for various sector themes and iii) reinforce international knowledge sharing & technology transfers,

(IV) Encouraging participation of value based smart city start-ups to be able to create a sustainable holistic eco-system. For this purpose, we would like to provide critical mentorship through our valuable stakeholders, to channel new investment opportunities and to achieve a more fruitful eco-system at a global scale.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of our lives. We, together, can create a better world and bigger opportunities.

We need your VOICE and need your WISDOM because we make sense much more together (!)

It will take just a few minutes to fill in our online application form and SMART iLab will be in touch with you after evaluation.Achieve

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Value Proposition

THINK ! Design Thinking, Research & Output
INNOVATE ! Creative Business and Relationship Architecture
SOLVE ! Advisory & Project Designing
CHANGE ! Execution & Global Civil Diplomacy


Design Thinking, Articles, Researches & Outputs – aim to accumulate knowledge and to develop approaches for a better urban future through a global perspective. Design thinking helps us to identify and investigate with known and ambiguous aspects of the current situation to discover hidden parameters and open alternative paths that may lead to the goal. At SMART iLab, we separate core think-tank activities from other value propositions.



Creative Business & Relationship Architectures – aim to empower significant partnerships to be able to distill innovative co-operations and to generate unique point of views & ideas. At SMART iLab, we consider smart cities as a re-designing of human life and living areas with the power of technology, shared wisdom, collective creativity and high intellectualness of smart people. Therefore, developing value added relationships at a global scale is the main source of our innovative power and well beyond the simple think-tank stakeholderships for us.



Advisory & Project Designing – aim to support generating tangible projects and benefits through our consortiums representing the most advanced & expert companies, universities, institutions and world-class individuals developing smart cities. At SMART iLab, we reinforce governments, organizations and opinion leaders by providing smart solutions & advisory services through our value-added thought leaders and stakeholders.



Execution & Global Civil Diplomacy – aim to promote becoming a leading global organization and a game changer in the world. SMART iLab has a challenging vision to be able to become the world’s first colourless smart city think-tank organization independent of any geography and any government at its core. Adopting global visions, executing practices well beyond of theories, enriching start-up ecosystems and encouraging civil sectoral relationships between countries define our main playmaker features.


Our Partners

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