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Smart Circle

Vision Board

Smart Cities Innovation Lab – “SMART iLab composes of visionary advisors who support and feed its constant developing vision through various disciplines and specialties. The Vision Board is a voluntary group of stakeholders comprising members from cities, academia, industry, SMEs and other organizations in the world. It consists of wise persons coming together to have our think-tank been one of the world-class centers of advanced thought and design. The members of vision board are a tower of strength in national and international level.

Our fundamental purpose is not to create extra work load for the board members, but to get their voluntary contributions to spread our collective wisdom all over the world and to increase the synergy impact among all parties.

SMART iLab has an ambitious vision, and value proposition at 4 different categories you can provide contributions ‘‘Think.Innovate.Solve.Change.’’

We especially request our board to reinforce our core-think-tank capabilities by providing valuable sharings (i.e. modern articles, basic researches, webcasts, case studies, new technologies, new products etc.) both to increase public awareness and to promote members’ professional recognition at a global scale.


Visionary Partners (Private & Government)

They are both of public & private institutions / organizations with which Smart Cities Innovation Lab – “SMART iLab” is into business, solution and knowledge sharing partnerships at all levels.

S-Circle (Start-up Circle)

They are the entrepreneurs who actively participate in our think-tank and dwell upon to expand their initiatives or to create new entrepreneurship. According to us, they are passionate brave hearts who made their inspirational ideas real or who are making them real and generating extraordinary ideas in order to do more. They are the new generation business people who take place near the top at almost everywhere in order to become one of the leading visionary corporations. They are the modern faces of the technology & knowledge based new economy. Smart Cities Innovation Lab – “SMART iLab” encourages participation of value based start-ups to be able to create a sustainable holistic eco-system.

Global Civil Diplomacy Board

Smart Cities Innovation Lab – “SMART iLab” has a unique board whose main mission is to develop Global Civil Sectoral Diplomacy and to cultivate cross -sectoral relations among countries.

Diplomacy is a reserved institution by the aim of solving problems in peaceful ways and developing the relations among the nation-states, in the other words by the aim of protecting the profits of a country in the external world. While the traditional diplomacy has been maintained only in the official channels by foreign affairs bureaucracy; in the following periods, it has begun to use activities, which are called as public diplomacy and have taken to the consideration more of the soft power of countries by the ideological challenges and technological developments.

The developments experienced recently in the communication and information technologies have forced states to take innovator steps in the area of diplomacy. So, new diplomacy has been transformed into a multi-actor relations system that uses various methods all together over the common points in the profit maximization efforts of actors in a competitive international area.

The most important factors of civil diplomacy in the recent years are i) the increase of interaction among the business premises, ii) cultural interaction among the societies, iii) activities hold by academic premises and think tanks, and iv) sectorial diplomacy channels. By the civil diplomacy, the sides can make the exchange of views in a wider frame without feeling themselves under the pressure of hard rules of the official diplomacy, develop a perspective & cooperation and suggest decision options that are necessary for the policy.

At SMART iLab, we would like to promote civil sectoral relations between countries. The program will aim to i) mobilize civil capacity with all of its channels at a global scale, ii) develop civil diplomacy channels & networks for various sectoral themes and iii) reinforce international knowledge sharing & technology transfers.