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WaterSeer: A New Water Supply Technology For A Better Future

by Can Uludag

WaterSeer is an innovative initiative of VICI Labs which is a non-profit organization. Every day, more than 9,000 people die from a lack of clean water and more than 1.2 billion (%20) people suffers from water scarcity. WaterSeer is a low-tech, low cost and relatively simple atmospheric water condenser designed in collaboration with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association.WaterSeerWaterSeer is a wind turbine working 7/24 which creates drinkable water from the atmosphere. It condenses pure water from the air without the need of power, costly chemicals or costly maintenance. The turbine direct air into a condensation chamber and can be planted 1.8m underground. In this way, surrounding soil cools the metal sides of the chamber, which means that cools the warm air inside the chamber and condenses the vapour onto the sides. The cooled water are accumulated in the reservoir and delivered to the surface for use via a single pump and hose.

The system can produce water with or without wind, and yields 37 liters of potable water everday, which meets the water needs of 18 people daily. The system will be priced at $134. Women and children spend up to 6 hours daily collecting and carrying polluted and diseased water for themselves and their families for drinking, bathing, and cooking in poor areas. We hope that WaterSeer can provide a simple, sustainable and scalable solution for all communities.

What is WaterSeer

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