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Alok Patel

by zWl3iNqMAJ

Name: Alok Patel

Title: CEO, Azcende Venture Capital

Other Titles: Innovation & Knowledge Management Director, International Keynote Speaker, World Traveler, Writer, Board Member, Business Development, Mentor,


To build cities where we can actually live, where people can be prosperous, and where humanity can advance – each of us being capable of achieving the impossible daily. Advancing humanity is about moving up Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, from a safety and security base through to the desire for and achievement of self-actualisation.

Short Biography:

Alok is a Future of Cities Thought Explorer and an aspiring adviser to the world political leaders. He is a holistic executive with 20 years’ experience across numerous industries from Engineering through to Investment Banking. He has experience in developing and leading initiatives, programs and projects across government and organisations with large capital assets. He does this through re-defining and re-tooling organisations around the world with a pragmatic vision.

He has a successful track-record of leading the successful delivery of high-visibility complex projects and engagements.  Alok has an in depth understanding of the challenges of sustainable development of organizations, and the integration of capabilities for organisational learning, innovation, knowledge management and organizational agility. This has allowed him to provide strategic guidance and contemporary solutions to organisations.

Alok now leads Azcende, a venture capital firm focused on Urban Innovation for the Future of Cities.