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Dr. Cenk Tezcan

by zWl3iNqMAJ

Name: Dr. Cenk Tezcan

Title: International Sr. Healthcare Expert

Other Titles: Famous Futurist, Academician, Author, Entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker (on mHealth, Health tourism, Future of Healthcare and Futurism)

Vision: His vision is to realize the most effective personalized home-health medicine all over the world which is driven by state-of-art healthcare delivery systems, home data gathering, virtual treatment, wearables, bio-printed sensors, advance materials, regenerative medicine, wellness gamification, robotic care and so on.

Short Biography:

In 2017 Mumbai World Health Congress, he was considered worthy to a unique prize as one of the most influential 100 health executives of the world.

Cenk Tezcan has over 25 years of experience in Healthcare and Public Field. Starting as a Medical Doctor in 1987, he got involved in medical equipment field as Sales Manager of Marquette Hellige – USA. Dr. Tezcan started to work on turnkey hospital projects in 1994 and led the “healthcare Investment” group of Bilkent Holding until 2006 in different roles. He took part in various national and international healthcare projects as a Business developer, consultant, planner, controller, purchasing or project manager. He worked and accomplished healthcare projects in a huge variety of countries like; Russia, Kyrgyz Rep., Turkmenistan, Albania, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Dubai and Yemen. After 2006, he worked as Business Development Manager at Intel in digital health field. He executed a lot of projects related with digital hospital, eHealth, mHealth, telemedicine and CDM. He is well-experienced in business development and project management in healthcare. He has also got excellent consultant skills. He teaches at Middle East Technical University, Medipol University and Bilgi University on Medical Informatics, Wellness&Happiness and Future Studies.

He is co-founder of BeWell (consulting and healthcare projects) and Bwise (Wisdom Exchange Platform – www.b-wise.guru), working and consulting on various healthcare projects including PPPs and turnkey hospitals, R&D projects on mHealth. At Bwise, he is working to build on collective intelligence & wisdom of experts, thought leaders, academics and disrupters, accelerates growth and innovation for businesses on a high impact exchange platform. Business Check-up, foresight for companies and Employee engagement programs (Wellness & Happiness) are some of the services of B-wise.

He is the author of the book “Mobile Health” sponsored by TUSIAD (Turkish Employers Association) and he is also lead the “National Mobile Health Pilot Project” as the official consultant of Social Security Association.

He is a famous futurist, speaking and writing about future healthcare. He moderated and present TV show “Future Vision” at TRT in 2012. He frequently speaks at events, symposiums and congresses on a professional manner on ‘Future’, ‘Future of Healthcare’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Mobile Health’, ‘Health Tourism’ and ‘Smart Cities’. A lot of his articles are published on media. He has a blog at “www.cenktezcan.com”.

Multitasking, result oriented, customer focused, good presentation skills. Single, with 2 children, lives at Istanbul, nonsmoker, board memberships at various NGOs, a frequent traveler.