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Prof. Dr. Ramazan Sari

by zWl3iNqMAJ

Name: Prof. Dr. Ramazan Sarı

Title: Sr. Energy Economist

Other Titles: Academician, Professor of Economics, Writer, Consultant, Executive

Vision: Policy designed to maximize jobs in the energy sector will not necessarily maximize employment in the economy as a whole. Energy is the lifeblood of the economy and a crucial input for nearly every good & service. In other words, it is the “oxygen” of the economy. Prof. Sari has a global vision to generate new age blueprint economic models for a vibrant and sustainable Smart City Eco-System from job creation to resource efficiency and to the environment through clean energy approaches.

Short Biography:

Prof. Sari has MA and PhD degrees from Texas Tech University in the area of Economics. He has been a Professor of Economics since 2010 in Middle East Technical University (METU) where is one of the most prestigious universities of Turkey at global university rankings. His main areas of specialization are Industrial Organization, Statistics & Forecasting, Microeconomics, Education Economics, Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, Income Distribution & Poverty, and Labor Economics.

Mr. Sari is one of the most refereed Energy Economists due to his significant works on  Energy and Environment. He has been selected the 8th most influential and referred environmental, ecological and energy economists at international arena. Furthermore, he has been selected the 3rd economist with the highest publication performance in Turkey. One of the works of Prof. Sari was nominated to the most influential 10 articles by a valuable Energy Economics journal. He is also specialized in social factors in energy policies. He is one of the unique consultants of Asia-Pasific CEO Association (APCEO).

Mr. Sari has been conducting two Horizon2020 projects called “Nature4Cities: Nature Based Solutions for Re-naturing Cities” and “Shape-Energy: Social Sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy”. He also has a contracted project with International Atomic Energy Agency, titled “Assessments of the Potential Role of Nuclear Energy for Turkey’s National Climate Change Mitigation Strategy”. Apart from energy, he has various valuable works on income distribution and finance.