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Tulin Akin

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Name: Tülin Akın

Title: Sr. Smart Village Expert

Other Titles: Social Entrepreneur & International Keynote Speaker

Vision: Her vision is to establish a state-of-art (most advanced) Smart Village mainly focusing on agricultural technologies. In this regard, she has established c.$7 million Vodafone Smart Village, which will be an open laboratory to introduce new technologies for all world companies and a Science Park (technopolis) of Smart Villages.

Short Biography:

Tulin is one of the best Smart Village Experts all over the world with her solid background and profound experiences. She is the Co-founder of TABIT (Smart Agriculture Technologies), Co-founder of TABIT Agricultural Informative and Co-founder of Communicational Technologies Ltd., Tarimsal Pazarlama (Agricultural Marketing) Education, Publishing, Consultancy Ltd. and the president of TABIDER (Association for Improving Agricultural Awareness).

Tulin Akin, who has received many awards from valuable organizations including Endeavor, Ashoka and UN, was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. She gives speeches in many countries and performs multiple projects with her team.

Tulin launched tarimsalpazarlama.com in the year 2004 as a college student, which is the first and the unique agricultural commerce site of Turkey having more than 1 million active users as of today. With this site, small hold farmers had opportunities in sector communication, e-learning and e-commerce. This site has completed a great shortage in the agricultural sector. Through this portal farmers had the chance to communicate between themselves and sectoral purchasers from in an out of Turkey as well as had the ability to reach real time information on grants, loans and governmental supports.

Established “tarimfm.com” which is an on-line digital radio to make a value to the lives of farmers provides news, informative content and music 24/7.

Created “tarim.com.tr” which is the fastest updated news portal of Turkey 2013. As a strong and worthy digital media brand; this site provides sectoral and financial news and multiple formatted contents and services 24/7.

Developed a specialized computer for farmers brought to life with collaboration Intel and Exper which has a farm automation system, educational videos and multiple communicational shortcuts. Complete software design and contents developed by TABIT.

In 2007, she won an award at “Stars of Export” because of supporting e-export in agricultural sector.

Working with financial system, she arranged payment installments with tailored credit cards for the farmers in convenient to the harvest time. These cards provided the farmers to 6 months adjournment without any extra interest for fuel, fertilizers and other sectoral expenditures.

Organized local educations in several areas by determining the regional needs of livestock, farming, irrigation, agricultural technology, profitability and productivity.

Launched the Farmers Club with the collaboration of Vodafone Group, reached over 1,4 million farmers with information SMS’ and mobile applications about farming, irrigation, weather forecasts and natural-event alerts.

Developed a special software with the collaboration of Intel; for the farmers’ needs to reach agricultural information, communication and marketing with a Farmer’s Computer.

After the horrible mine accident in Ermenek, she founded an Academy with Vodafone, Ermenek Municipality and TABIDER for the aggrieved families of miners; to create alternative revenues according to the agricultural potential of the area.

Built multiple social responsibility projects to improve the water awareness and preventing tractor accidents in rural areas.