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Vasco Gonçalves

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Name: Vasco Gonçalves

Title: Sr. Smart Cities & Buildings’ Domotic Expert

Other Titles: International Keynote Speaker, Smart Buildings Expert, IT Expert, CEO, Founder of SDNC sarl

Vision: His vision is to establish a multi-billion worth of state-of-the-art (the most advanced) autarky “Research Smart City named as EVA Smart City”. In this regard, he performs formal negotiations with Russian, EU and EEA officials and companies, as well world famous global companies. EVA Smart City consortium is open to any corporate or university from whatever background and nationality.

Short Biography:

He has double nationality (Luxembourger and Portuguese). He speaks 5 languages at full proficiency (English, French, German, Portuguese and Luxembourgish) and speaks 2 languages at limited proficiency (Spanish and Italian).

He is passionate about Smart Cities by having read science-fiction cartoons and books since he was four to five years of age. As an early teenager, he discovered his ability to learn independently scientific books. Later, he discovered Jacque Fresco and his futuristic practical designs, and especially about his Venus project.

He studied through schooling and independently (via books), electro-mechanics and electronics. Today, it is called mechatronics. Later he went to the Open University to study Information Technology and Computing to complement what he studied independently and academically since the 1980s.

His final project was a theoretical research on the Internet via high-speed train’s catenary. He did a practical model to make his findings flawless – uninterrupted for 3 months.

Since his father was a constructor, he learned independently architecture as well.

Recently he took some courses about Smart Cities at the Open University. The course material was known to him, but through the international forum exchanges with other mature and young students his knowledge was extremely enriched.

He is now taking (finishes around mid-December 2016) some courses in international financing, since his old courses are not any more up-to-date.

He worked in early robotics for a company, called Omicron S.A. Luxembourg. He participated in the engineering of a full automated warehouse, and participated in devising a prototype for the construction of fully automated robotized carrier for the Airbus industries (MBB, Germany), among other projects.

Later, he joined an ICT company based in London. The subsidiary in Luxembourg was staffed by 10 highly specialized engineers with himself as a deputy director.

Thereafter, he became a freelance in ICT and a few years later an expert in Smart Buildings and did training to others at a governmental facility.

He decided to cease his freelance career to go back to school, mainly about the management and the administration of companies, and marketing, at the Luxembourg School for Commerce.

He created SDNC sàrl for the continuation of his freelancing and more specifically in Smart Cities because he saw a completely wrong approach regarding the technology used in the so-called Smart Cities.

That’s the reason why he published some articles on the social networks, LinkedIn and beBee (where many PhD students are using these articles for their theses) and he offered his expertise and experience in Smart Buildings and Cities to any country, where Russia was the first one to manifest interest. If for any reason, it cannot be built in Russia, some nations of the EU and EEA showed an interest in such a project. Alternative locations, with the help of local governments and European agencies, are under consideration.