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Vitor Pereira

by zWl3iNqMAJ

Name: Vitor Pereira

Title: Creative Smart Cities Dreamer & Pioneer

Other Titles: Communication Expert, Speaker, Thinker, Innovation Expert and Mentor, Investment Attraction, Partnerships and Strategies for Smart Cities (Big, Medium, Small), Writer, Blogger, Tourism and Travel, Events Founder and Organizer, Journalist, Editor, Designer, and once a Musician always Musician.

Vision: Forget “Business as Usual” and there are o “Perfect” cities. Embrace your problems, deal with them, don’t hide the failures and break the chains of your dreams. Cities need help to devolution. Leaders need courage to take hard decisions and the future of your citizens depends not on “right now” but on “we need to do it”. Showing off won’t solve citizens problems will create bigger ones. Stay truthful and transparent and you will win the game.

Short Biography:

After 24 years dedicated to journalism and communication sector, he has tightly connected with new ICT projects in key sectors like Tourism/Travel, Cities and Smart Regions and, of course, communication, information and analysis about it since 2008.

Vitor has been working near to associations, municipalities and other institutional (public and private) entities in Portugal as a communication, ideas and messages organization expert, new projects and business ideas mentor and sustainable development.

Currently, he is a Blogger in Portugal, Amsterdam, London, EUA, Canada and Spain.

Vitor is the Head of Strategy in CONTEUDO CHAVE a Communication, Innovation and Creative Agency, one of the pioneers in Portugal, dedicated to digital marketing and Augmented Reality technologies as an example.

He runs his own content platform called “Smart Cities On” (www.smartcitiesonline.net).

He is a Smart Travel Event founder/director (Portugal).

Since January 2015, Vitor is the delegate for the Smart City Business Institute.

He was awarded by the prize of Personality of the Year Smart Cities Live 2015, awarded for the first time within the frame of the Green Business Week, an initiative of the AIP Foundation, with the aim of “honouring the personality who contributed the most to the publicity and development of regions and cities of Portugal and to their sustainability and smart projects in 2014”.

Since November 2015, Vitor is the Coordinator of Smart Cities Portuguese magazine.

He is the founder and organizer of one of the most creative and innovative Smart Cities event in Europe (Portugal): www.zoomsmartcities.com

He is a senior consultant of some of the most relevant and important Portuguese Universities, Companies, Cities and Regions.